Private Limited Company Registration – basically it is a type of business in private ownership use in many jurisdictions. The benefit of having a private limited company is that there are limited liabilities and depending on each one’s point of view this next point could either be a benefit or a disadvantage.

Key Features of Private Limited Company:

A private limited company has the following features:

  1. Minimum and maximum number of shareholders in a private company is 2 and 200, respectively
  2. Minimum paid-up capital is Rs.1,00,000
  3. Minimum number of directors are 2
  4. Share transfer can be restricted as per Articles of the company
  5. Cannot accept deposits from the public and it can take loans only from shareholders, directors and relatives of directors
  6. Cannot issue shares to the public
  7. Name of the company is end with the words ‘Private Limited’ or Pvt Ltd
  8. the Private limited company can Sue and Can be Sued.
  9. the Private limited Company has separate legal entity other than it’s Directors and Shareholders.

Documents Required to form a Private Limited Company:

  • Chose Company Name

  • Din And DSC of Directors

  • Directors KYC

  • Address Proof of Registered office.